January 19, 2019: Marching

I attended the women’s march today, carrying my sign that says “Stop the Shutdown”. A few people came up to me and asked if I was affected and of course, I said that I was a furloughed Federal worker. A number of other marchers shared their shutdown stories.

After the march, as my friend and I were walking to the latest subway stop, we saw the popup restaurant that Jose Andres created to serve Federal workers affected by the shutdown. We had already had lunch, but we got coffees (it was blustery and clammy outside) and they gave us a bag with dinner for us. It is amazing how much support there was among the marchers for ending the shutdown.

I’m going to include some photos of some of the interesting signs pertaining to the shutdown.

A few signs were addressed to the Senate Majority Leader.
Feeding Furloughed Feds
Real food. You could get a bag with food to go.

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