February 4, 2019: Furlough Humor

There was the following exchange on Facebook between colleagues of mine. I am hiding the names of the posters.

Original Facebook post (from a Federal employee who was furloughed):
I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I’m quite concerned and would appreciate advice. I went to Target today and left with only the four items on my list…

Response (from another furloughed Fed):
That is likely due to the psychological event known as “post-pre-furlough cognitive dissonance.” If the pre-furlough period does not end up in a shutdown event 2/15, you should expect complete recovery within 6 to 8 weeks. If, however, the per-furlough period does end in a shutdown, the post-event implications could last for up to a year. (P.S., if this “diagnosis” catches on, we should patent it!)

I found this exchange to be hilarious. However, note the underlying uncertainty about what happens after the temporary funding expires on 2/15.

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